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Austin Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle riders face discrimination from the car and truck drivers who dominate the roads.

Most motorcycle crashes occur when a car or truck driver violates a right-of-way or claims not to have seen the motorcycle. The fact is that drivers of other vehicles aren’t paying enough attention to notice motorcycle riders. But even if a motorcycle injury was clearly the fault of the car or truck driver, the motorcycle rider is often blamed.Motorcycle riders face many legal obstacles that a general personal injury attorney does not necessarily know how to handle. Your lawyer must know how to overcome the prejudices that car drivers and even jurors have toward motorcycle riders. It’s as important as knowing the law.

Personal injury attorney Lenore Shefman

As a rider I understand what it means to ride, the passion and the feeling how important it is to mental health and the community we belong to as riders: we are family.

There is more to it though, knowing what bikes have data recording devices, understanding where to look for after market devices, upgrades when getting a client compensated for property. Having an understanding of how different bikes handle from their turning radius to the posture of the rider.

All of these things matter when recreating a crash where liability is in dispute

Understanding helmets, helmet fit, helmet safety DOT approval all come into play in diagnosis of head trauma to potential product liability claims for non-DOT approved products.

If you don’t ride you probably don’t know a lot about all we go through as riders to stay safe, know defensive driving skills, participate voluntarily for additional skill building in MSF courses and out at the track.

We ride, we get what it is like as a rider, what we contend with from oblivious drivers and we understand the anatomy of a motorcycle and what to look for in evaluating a crash.

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