Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will apply to the online information that is retrieved from web-users who visit our website. Through this policy, you may acquire a better understanding of how your information is retrieved and used and protected when you visit our website. This policy will also inform you about what you may be able to do with the information that is collected.

Information Collected

This website collects information through the users themselves, through web-based cookies and web server log information. This website also collects information from web-based pixels and user-filled forms on various pages of the site.

Information Use

The information this website collects is used to provide users with a better website experience. Information that is collected may be used to provide users with resources and information that may be relevant to their site visit and queries. User information is also used to provide users with more knowledge about the queries that prompted their website visit.

Web Server Logs and User Provided Information

When a user fills a form on this website, they are prompted to provide their information . This information may include information that identifies them (such as a user's name) or information that can be used to contact them (such as a user's email address or relevant phone number). When a web-chat is active on the site, users may be asked to provide information through the chat so that they may be contacted for further information. We ask that users refrain from providing sensitive information on the online form--this includes information including social security numbers, financial information (bank card numbers, checking or routing numbers) or sensitive private information (identity card numbers or passport numbers)

User information is also collected when a user visits the website. This is done via records of activities that take place on our website. When a user visits the website, this information may automatically be stored on the website's records (web server logs). Web servers may automatically collect information including your internet protocol information, unique ISP (internet service provider) names, geo location related to the computer that accessed the website (city, state or country), time based information (date and time) , clicks on the website and its pages, external link information that points to the website that prompted your visit to our website, queries that a user has made on our website and the type of web browser or web browsing device that was used to access our website.

Web server logs are used to help with the protection of the website and may also be used to administer the website or analyze information that may benefit a user's experience.


Cookies are considered text files that contain bits of data that are stored on a website and these bits of data can be retrieved from the website at a later point in time. The function of cookies are primarily to let the website know when a user has revisited the website. Information from cookies are used to help the website understand the user and provide them with a better experience as they navigate trough the website in the fulfillment of their query. A user may disable their cookies at any point in time while they browse the website--or they may use notifications to help them understand when web cookies have been stored within their hard drives from the web servers that they have visited. Users may retrieve more information on the use of cookies and how to manage them by accessing this link: "clear, enable and manage cookies in chrome" . Users who visit this website consent to the use of cookies and related technology in accordance with our privacy policy.

We may also use third party applications to provide users with a more helpful advertising experience. Such services include hotjar tracking, meta ads or google ads. These third party services may collect information such as cookies or pixels. This information may be used to measure analytics in order to provide our website with the tools needed to help our user experience . We do not share your information with third party service providers and you may be able to opt out of ad networks by visiting "your ad choices" .

Information Protection & Access

Cyclist law takes measures to protect user information from accidental loss and unauthorized access. This website uses a secure sockets layer to establish an encrypted link between our web server and a client. Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed that unauthorized users may never be able to counter our security measures.

We do not rent, sell or lease user information to other parties--nor make available any user information to third parties with the exception of our agents and contractors who have a relationship with us for the purpose of helping our clients. We may refer users to lawyers who can help them if we are unable to handle their legal matters. We may also provide user information as required by law

Users may correct or delete their information by contacting us. Users may also opt our of any future contacts from us at any time.

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