Roll with Lenore

“I have no idea what I would have done without Lenore...and that whole team of compassionate pit bulls.”

–Eve R.

With Lenore it’s about you: your case, your rights, and your livelihood.

Lenore Shefman is an extremely effective and successful advocate with a mission to protect the rights of what the law calls “Vulnerable Road Users.” She has a passion for the road and the people who ride and walk on it as she does herself.

Before getting into law she was stepping up for people who needed help as a social worker, was a search and rescue seaman and performed maritime law enforcement in the US Coast Guard in the Gulf of Mexico.

She’s been practicing law now since 2000, trying cases in Texas and California. Beyond the high level of professional skill, Lenore simply has a gift for getting to the very core of a case and seeing it from the inside out. Her ability to sense where the value lies for her client is unrivaled.


Honesty, integrity, and hard work…

that’s really what it all comes down to,

and that’s what you get with Lenore.

You’ll think about lawyers differently after you meet her. You’ll start to feel better just knowing you’ve found somebody that actually cares, and who knows what you need and how to get it. And she never takes more money than her client. Think about that.

Lenore has recovered millions and millions of dollars on behalf of her clients
and will fight to the end to assure her clients the greatest outcome possible.


Austin, Texas, Auto v Motorcycle. Lenore Shefman was lead counsel in this case involving a speeding motorcyclist killed in a crash with a sedan. 

Lenore was able to achieve a mediated settlement of $2,100,000.


Austin, Texas, Pick-up Truck v Motorcycle. In another motorcycle crash involving a gentleman riding and hit by a truck Lenore Shefman and her team were able to identify hidden assets and uncover a million dollar policy on top of a state minimum policy and provide the client an unexpected recovery of $1,030,000.

Lenore is habitually leaving no stone unturned to ensure clients are exacting every measure of justice available to them..


Austin, Texas, Auto v. Bicycle, Bicycle rider was hit while walking her bike in a cross-walk when a person in a car talking on the phone blew through the light controlled cross-walk and hit the human in the face with the sideview mirror.

Bike rider recovered $330,000 settlement.


San Francisco, Shuttle Van v. Fixed Gear Bicycle, In a trial with a client who was riding a fixed gear bicycle, Lenore ran 27 focus groups on what even she believed to be an unwinnable case at trial. The case had been ongoing for five years with multiple defendants. The difficulty with the case was identifying the hit and run vehicle. Through focus groups Lenore was able to strategize and present the case in the best manner so as not to bring attention to the aspects of the case the community of focus groups had expressed concern.

Lenore and her co-counsel, Shaanna Rahman were able to achieve an outstanding jury verdict of $600,000 on behalf of their client following a $250,000 settlement with another party in the case.

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