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What to Expect When Working with Us

How Our Process at Cyclistlaw Works

Here is what you can expect once we put our wheels in motion.


Your Decision:

Talk to your people. Talk to another attorney. We know this is a crucial moment for you.


Getting Started:

If you do work with us we’ll give you resources, answer every question and make sure you understand the ins and outs of being involved in a lawsuit.


Help with Medical Bills:

If you don’t have insurance we’ll help you get the medical care you need by providing letters of protection. Letters of protection are important because they let medical providers know they’ll be paid for their services out of the settlement or judgment you receive from your litigation.


Deciding When to File:

In most cases, the statute of limitations for an accident injury is two years. You may want to file immediately or wait to see the full extent of your injuries and what kind of medical treatment you need. If there’s evidence that might get destroyed you’ll want to get a case on file immediately.



The first part of litigation is the discovery process which can last 90 days to six months. Discovery involves a lot of paperwork back and forth with people answering questions.


Getting a Trial Date:

If your case does go to trial you’ll typically get a trial date within one year of filing.


Trial or an Alternative:

Finally it’s time for either trial or alternate dispute resolution, like arbitration or mediation. Most Cyclistlaw cases settle before going to trial.


Negotiating Medical Bills:

However your case shakes out, we’ll help you negotiate your medical bills. You need to heal from your injuries — you don’t need the burden of out-of-control doctor bills.

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