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The personal injury attorneys at Cyclist Law are ready to help you complete the transition into life after an amputation through our outstanding client service.

We take all aspects of your case including medical treatment, financial recovery and prosthetic care in order for us to get every last drop out if possible!

The Frequency of Amputation Injuries

Amputation is a condition where someone loses their limb, eye or hand. It can sometimes result from serious accidents and occur more often than you might think with traumatic amputations occurring up to 30k per year in America alone!

We Realize The Cost Of Amputation

Amputating someone’s limbs is devastating. When you add in all of the costs associated with losing a limb, it becomes even more expensive for both victims and their families financially speaking-the lifelong physical disability that results from this type injury can be arduous to deal with on top if needing therapy or other assistance while trying learn how use new devices again after having had an accident which led them being wakes up without any arms at all!

Impact Of Amputation

  • Fatigue or exhaustion
  • Loss of mobility and dexterity
  • Social isolation
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Body image issues
  • Infection

The cost of losing a limb can be devastating.

It’s hard enough on the person who has experienced it, but what about all those around them?

In one study conducted by Drs. Jonathon Bockman and John Quesenberry at Austin Hospital in Australia found that on average amputees faced tens-of thousands dollars worth hospital fees alone with no accounting for costs associated with their loss such as counseling or emotional pain/suffering etc..

With prices ranging from $100-$400 depending upon type you may also need custom devices which adds even more expense into your already difficult situation!

Psychological Effect of Amputations

The psychological impact of a limb loss is often just as important, if not more so than the physical demands.

Amputees report feeling emotions such as grief and bereavement similar to those experienced upon losing loved ones in their lives which can make coming-to terms with an amputation all that much harder for some people who have had this happen.

The psychological impact of undergoing an amputation is significant for three main reasons.

First, victims must cope with the loss of sensation from their limbs cut off and function in them,

Second it’s hard because you’re always thinking about what could have happened if something else was removed instead- like your eye or ear!

And thirdly people may change both themselves and others’ perceptions on how they view our bodies after this happens.

The amputation process can be traumatic, with common negative emotions including depression and anxiety. These feelings often lead people into denial about their situation or desire for suicide as a solution to what they’re going through emotionally.

When someone has experienced a traumatic injury, their risk for developing post-traumatic stress disorder increases.

This is especially true if they have had an amputation as part of the injuries sustained in battle or other Armed Services related incidents

The person should speak with somebody about how he/she feels and think things through before making any drastic decisions because there are resources available like medication which can help reduce feelings associated with PTSD.

Help & Support After The Amputation

Though an injury may seem like the end of your world, there is always hope. In some cases when people have lost their limbs or suffered severe cuts to other parts on their body they can still lead fulfilling lives with amputations as long as it doesn’t affect how you live day-to-day life.

A major surgery like this one will never be easy but all those who go through such extreme circumstances find ways around making adjustments in order to continue living happy and satisfying existences.

What Are Common Reasons For Amputation Accidents?

  • Workplace accidents
  • Auto accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Maritime accidents
  • Child injuries
  • Slip and Falls
  • Child injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents

You should consult a lawyer if you have had any accidents that cause the loss of an arm, finger or hand.

The investigation process may show mistakes on behalf of your employer and/or training inadequacies which could lead to large settlements from those responsible!

Raising Your Personal Injury Case in Texas

We have a proven track record for obtaining million dollar results. We start by laying the groundwork with our strategic approach and then we take it from there, proving how multiple key defendants had something to do with your suffering an amputation-from product manufacturers all of the way down through distributors or even suppliers if they were directly involved in causing you harm!

Contact An Experienced Amputation Injury Lawyer 

We have helped countless individuals in the past with their amputation injuries and we can help you too.

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