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Rideshare companies have received mixed reviews from media outlets and drivers alike.

Some people hail Uber as a good way to make money while reducing the number of impaired motorists on our roads, but others see these services only endangering their jobs because there are fewer opportunities for them anymore- or even worse.

However, many times rideshare companies may not always have the safest drivers on our roads.

When accidents occur with these services in Texas there can be confusion about who should take responsibility for what happened when more than one party was involved.

Or even worse yet both parties might think they were okay after an accident which leaves you feeling helpless because no matter how hard attorneys work at trying to solve this issue of “fault” it just won’t go away unless something changes along.

Over the past few years, there have been many changes in how we think about and handle personal injury law.

Rideshare accidents are a great example of this new paradigm- they fall under certain provisions but not others!

Riders should be aware that their claims may need to meet specific criteria before coming forward with any type or amount of damages suffered from an accident while driving someone else’s vehicle – even if it wasn’t your fault at all (or partly yours).

When you’re involved in a car accident, there are many things that go through your mind.

You may be wondering if it was really an 18-wheeler who caused the collision or just some guy on his way to work at Walmart with two bags of groceries?

Common Causes Of Rideshare Accidents

It’s important to know the risks of rideshare accidents so that you can avoid them.

Rideshare drivers and passengers should be aware there is always a possibility an accident could occur, even if they take precautions such as wearing seat belts or holding on tight when traveling at high speeds with another vehicle pulled over beside yours.


The number of distracted drivers on the road is too many to count.

They rely heavily upon Uber and Lyft for their income, which means that anything from maps updates or notifications could easily capture a driver’s attention away from driving safely!


The rideshare industry is a competitive one, with drivers constantly vying for customers and hoping that they won’t miss out on any of their potential passengers’ demands.

So it’s no surprise why some may take unnecessary risks when driving – after all this means nothing more than getting back home faster!


When it’s time to get out of your car and drive, make sure you’re prepared for anything!

Substance Abuse

The application process typically takes six weeks, but it varies from agency to agency.


Rideshare passengers often do not know what they are getting into when picking up a friend, and drivers have reported being mockingly called names by riders.

This can lead to aggressive behavior on both sides which may result in an accident-Riders that ride regularly with someone might start calling them by familiar nicknames like ” bestowed upon” -or something similar; this establishes rapport between rider/driver so there is no fear of authority.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and believe that another party was partially responsible, it may still be worth filing a claim against your rideshare company.

Even if they were not at fault for the collision itself but caused problems leading up to or during them.

Such as slow traffic flow which makes driving difficult-you will have grounds under state law once all relevant circumstances surrounding both parties’ role within each others’ individual stories have been taken into account when deciding who gets compensated most heavily.

 Your Rights After A Rideshare Accident

Seek the opinion of a qualified medical professional as soon as you’ve sustained an injury.

The delay in seeking treatment could lead to your claim being denied due to lack-of cooperation from yourself or others involved with the accident.

The best thing one can do after sustaining any form of injuries is contact their local physician immediately so that proper care may be taken before it becomes too late!

The idea of contacting an attorney before seeing a doctor might seem logical, but it’s not recommended.

Insurance companies can often neglect to investigate your case and get boilerplate responses from them instead.

So if you want someone who will take the time necessary for accurate information gathering and personalized advice about how best handle any legal issues facing themselves or loved ones in this situation then don’t hesitate!

You shouldn’t have to wait for insurance claims or court decisions when you could start pursuing compensation from the get go.

Simply put: we’re here with an answer that will help make sure your family is safe and cared-for while also making it possible not only financially but emotionally as well if this situation has had any sort of lasting impact on them!

Do You Need To Hire A Rideshare Accident Attorney

The best way to get through a rideshare accident is not by thinking about what you did wrong but instead focusing on how it can help your recovery.

Avoiding the paperwork may seem like an easy option, however this could lead those involved into more trouble than they bargained for when trying to take legal action against their own negligence in court systems where mistakes have been made before-especially if those errors were avoidable at first glance!

Hiring an attorney will allow someone who has been injured during such accidents time away from work while still being able to provide financial stability via payment obtained upfront which covers costs associated with medical treatment plan update as well insurance premiums going forward.

Reach Out Cyclist Law Firm For Help With Your Rideshare Accident Claim in Texas

The conclusion to this conversation is that if you are in an accident, reach out to the right law firm for help.

We can provide a free consultation, so contact us today at (512) 386-8117 or email

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