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According to recent studies, it is observed that rideshare companies are responsible for more than two percent of the serious accidents that happen in the United State of America.

When a person dies in an accident, their family members are left without them.

This leaves the spouse and children to pick up life’s pieces while also trying figure out what happened with no answers as they grieve for lost loved ones who will never be replaced or returned even though part of that person died too soon on Texas highways all too often which is not acceptable anymore since we can make roads safer.

Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable

The highway system is often cited as one of the most dangerous places to be because it’s an open space where people can drive any way they want without being accountable for their actions.

This negligence has resulted in many injuries and deaths, which are why we should all try our best not just during traffic jams but also when there wasn’t too much congestion on roads like I 65 earlier today; seconds matter!

We represent the families of those who’ve been injured in motor vehicle accidents, and at The de la Garza Law Group we take on all kinds – even Uber-related ones!

Texas Uber Accidents

When you get into an Uber, the company requires that all drivers pass a criminal background check and motor vehicle standards.

They also have basic requirements for their customers’ safety such as having valid licenses with automobile insurance coverage in place to cover property damage or injury caused during transportation accidents.”

Moreover, Uber has decided some basic requirements for drivers:

  • Be of legal driving age
  • Have a license to drive
  • Have one year of driving experience
  • Complete an online driving and criminal history screen

The number of Texas Uber accidents is on the rise, and it’s no surprise given these relaxing requirements.

Recent studies have shown that rideshare companies are responsible for up to three percent more fatal car wrecks in America as whole!

Wrongful Deaths in Texas

When someone is killed in an auto accident, their surviving family members have legal options for bringing claims against the at-fault parties.

In Texas under section 71.001 of the Civil Practice and Remedies Code spouses; parents or children may bring wrongful death lawsuits against those who cause such accidents.

The law provides specific rules on what type titling a case as “wrongful” will do–it does not make any difference whether one person was really responsible.

There are many potentially liable parties in an Uber Accident.

These include not just the person who made or caused the fatal error that led to your loved one’s death, but also any party involved with respect to whom negligence may be demonstrated as either cause.

In fact (i..e., driver) partial responsibility for failing preventable circumstances resulting from their actions.

Assuming such conduct was foreseeable at common law—a question we will address below–or under applicable rules of liability set forth by local courts prior thereto passage after “Black Car” disasters like unification East German v reunification society.

In the case of a fatal Uber accident, there can be several potentially liable parties, including:

  • The Uber driver;
  • Another driver; or
  • The manufacturers of one or more of the vehicles involved in the accident.

It is a complicated process to file for compensation in Texas, but if you are able enough and have evidence that can support your case then there’s no reason why it should be difficult.

The following elements need be established before any wrongful death claim will succeed:

  • The defendant owed a duty of care to the deceased accident victim;
  • The defendant violated that duty by some action or failure to act, and
  • The defendant’s violation of that duty resulted in their loved one’s death.

Insurance companies are always on the lookout for creative ways to avoid paying out.

They have teams of highly skilled lawyers that develop defenses in attempts such as these because they know just how much bad publicity would look like if someone was successfully sued after being At fault or injured through no fault of his own.

Good trial lawyers in Texas are experienced at helping people with personal injury win their cases.

Compensation in a Fatal Texas Rideshare Accident

Economic damages are those that can be quantified and measured. The following types of economic loss in a wrongful death case often occur:

  • Loss of earning capacity -Support financial needs (medical bills)
  • Alteration to lifestyle

A second type, non-economic damage occurs when there’s an execution or murder attempt upon someone which leads them into early graves.

This form does not include any pain suffered by victims during their deaths but rather factors such as psychological trauma from knowing how close they came getting killed along with funeral expenses etcetera due.

  • Loss of inheritance
  • Psychological expenses for the surviving family member
  • Loss of services

Non-economic damages are often harder to put a figure on, but just as important.

For example in the case of wrongful death there could be things like emotional distress for family members who have lost their loved one or pain felt by those left behind when someone dies too young because it should never happen again The list goes on!

  • Loss of companionship and society
  • Loss of consortium

Expert legal minds will tell you that exemplary damages are not designed to compensate the loser for their losses, but rather they exist as a punishment.

They want wrongdoers punished and shown what happens when someone breaks rule number one:

Don’t Be A Jerk! In rare cases where an abuser’s gross negligence resulted in death–exemplary damages may be awarded instead of regular payouts because this person deserves worse than just financial repayment; he needs justice too.”

The value of a wrongful death case can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. The following are some examples, but there’s no one-size fits all solution: 

Age and gender at the time period where he/she died.

Was this person older or younger than average for their era?

Did they die during war times when kill ratios were higher due to combat situations where users may have been targeted by enemy forces more easily because fewer people would defend themselves with weapons available within range, distance shots fired etc.?

What about if it’s someone who worked closely alongside our battlefield heroes aboard ship.

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